Gimli Tailwind

A Chrome DevTools extension enabling

Smart Tools for Tailwind CSS.

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Tailwind DX - A DevTools extension enabling smart tools for Tailwind CSS. | Product Hunt

Instant feedback

Building complex layouts takes a lot of trial and error. Gimli Tailwind lets the developer preview changes just by hovering on different values. We also let developers:

  • Ctrl+Click to toggle values on/off
  • Ctrl+Hold-and-drag to use inputs as sliders

By focusing on instant feedback, we enable developers to Build better websites faster.

Show what's relevant.

We don't want to overwhelm developers with options and utilities. Here's a list of features which enables developers to quickly find relevant utilities:

  • Inputs are grouped the same way as in the official documentation.
  • Flex and Grid elements will show relevant Flex/Grid utilities.
  • Active utilities are always shown.

Support Gimli Tailwind

If you find Gimli Tailwind useful, please consider supporting further development on Patreon. We would also appreciate feedback and spreading the word about Gimli Tailwind on social media.

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