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An online playground enabling

Smart visual tools for front-end developers.

Layout Tools

Creating complex dynamic layouts often requires the use of grid and flexbox. Learning all the possible properties and how they interact with one another can be challenging.
Gimli solves this by providing visual tools that greatly simplifies the process of creating complex layouts. Every edit will also change your code in realtime.

See the full timelapse.
Note that the video is from the earlier VS-code version of Gimli.
5 min

Choose between Visual Tools and Code

Gimli is not intended to replace code with visual tools. Instead, you are free to use whatever suits your way of working. Gimli currently supports editing HTML and CSS. Javascript is coming soon!

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More info coming soon on the following:

Typography & text tools
Import custom snippets
Transform & perspective tools
HTML export & formatting
DOM tree view
Color & branding tools